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InSteel Engineers Pvt. Ltd.
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InSteel Engineers Pvt. Ltd.
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Rebar Detailing & Bar Bending Schedule (BBS)
Savings in Cost, Time & Steel Quantity…..Savesupto 3% of Steel
InSteel specializes in providing accurate and cost effective Rebar Detailing & Bar Bending Schedule for RCC & Pre-stressed structures.
Insteel Team helps clients in the following ways
Rebar Detailing & BBS
InSteel Engineers use world leading 3D&2D REBAR Detailing & BBS software’s such as Tekla CIP, Tekla Precast, Rebar CAD (CADSRC), AutoCAD. Ins. Insteel has skilled manpower who can deliver as per client’s methodology of drafting by simulating layering, naming conventions, plot styles and standards. We can combine data, concepts and sketches to give clients accurate final drawings.
Our Services
Our projects
InSteel specializes in delivering comprehensive rebar detailing solutions for all kinds of structures like:
In order to achieve maximum efficiency and error-free Rebar Drawings, we use a well-established working methodology. Modifications are normally required as per actual site situations, work force available and time period assigned for the project.
Special methodology adopted by INSTEEL for Rebar detailing
Following points are taken care of while working on Rebar Detailing.
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